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What Is The School's Role In Nurturing Child Development?

What Is The School's Role In Nurturing Child Development?

Date: 30 July, 2018 Author: The Gera School Team

It’s not about just gaining knowledge. It’s much more than that – studying group dynamics, learning adjustment, and developing interpersonal skills. A child’s first teacher is his/her parents, but it is at the school that he/she develops the ability to communicate and live in a connected world.

Apart from bookish knowledge, the right school also provides plenty of opportunities through extra-curricular activities that help in personality development, team abilities, and the sportsmanship spirit. All these, together, help the child evolve as a responsible individual in the society.

Furthermore, the school also helps develop the child’s communication and helps them converse better. This ensures that the child learns to appreciate and respect’s his/her peers’ opinions, and carve a better social environment for all. Schools help develop a regimen, a routine for children so that they can learn the value of self-discipline, and learn better work ethics.

And, that is not all – schools also teach a child the concept of healthy competition. Whether in the form of academics or sports and art competitions, children, over time, learn to take failures as part of life. This not only enhances their personal stance but also helps make them a better person.

Most importantly, however, a school gives the opportunities to a child that a home wouldn’t be able to. It broadens his/her horizons by exposing him/her to multiple nationalities, cultures, and traditions, all of which help shape his/her viewpoint of the world. Over time, these experiences play an important part in developing the child’s interests, his/her self-esteem, and helping them make better academic and professional decisions later in life.

All in all, it should be the school’s prime focus to make their students flourish in whatever they do. Mere bookish knowledge can be acquired at home, but it is the school that gives them wings to achieve whatever they aspire for.

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