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Frequently Asked

Transport facilities, tell me more ...
  • Bus/Van service is optional and parents can avail of the option of carpooling, or dropping and fetching their child from school independently. In the interest of the environment, we do suggest carpooling or school transport facilities as an option to be exercised.
  • Arrival and Dispersal time will be adhered to as part of the school policy on discipline. We will, therefore, in the interest of traffic congestion have those travelling by car or bus to come in ten minutes earlier each day, and exit only after the buses have departed from campus.
  • The Cafeteria service is optional and we shall provide Indian and continental menu options for students.
  • Charges for the meals are collected by the School on behalf of the vendor
Uniforms are compulsory?
  • Yes, uniforms are part of the discipline protocol at TGS. The fabric will be chosen keeping in mind the warm weather conditions and the range of co-curricular activities as part of the school routine. The styling and fit will be comfortable.
  • The School Uniform has an everyday formal uniform and a PE uniform.
  • Uniform fee is payable separately and is not part of the Annual fees
Homework and Assessments?
  • At TGS, we believe in a culture of discipline, where children learn at their own pace but also become responsible for their learning so that they become independent adults. To achieve this, from time to time, reinforcement assignments will be sent home for the children to update their skills.
    However, we will mindfully maintain regard for time after school hours reserved for life with family and have a well-defined optimum “school work - homework” policy. As parents, you will enjoy that discipline as also the flexibility that it offers. Technology will be integrated to make learning at school and at home an enjoyable process.
  • We will conduct “Checking for Understanding” assessments as a combination of oral, open, presentation, research assignments and time-bound examinations at regular intervals. We will revise work done with the children, encourage them to take these assessments with a spirit of application and enabling them to enjoy the process of evaluation which is a valuable tool for us as teachers to ensure that we customize our approach to learners.
How many sections per grade, number of students per class?
  • We have three sections per Grade with Thirty students per section
  • We have an effective and efficient teacher-student ratio
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