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THE EDGE - Life Skills at The Gera school

The Gera School Lifeskills Tree

We believe that, in addition to the school curriculum and co-curricular activities, developing certain key life skills is extremely essential for the children.

Many jobs that are currently being done by people today weren’t popular or did not exist 10 – 15 years ago. While this may present new opportunities, the cause for concern is the fact that a large number of jobs that we do today will be non-existent in the next decade or so. The Life Skills programme will be an important part of preparation for adults of the future to adapt to a world that is changing at a pace like never before. 

  • Relationships and communication

    The school will train the teachers to encourage children to communicate openly at all times. With the right teacher-training, children in the Pre-Primary section can learn to speak about issues that 'concern' them. Good communication forms the base of strong relationships. Students also need to learn how to form positive and healthy relationships in their personal lives and within their social and professional communities.

  • Teamwork and project management

    Getting children to understand at an early age how to break up tasks, set up a schedule and determine division of responsibilities in a team (while working cohesively) enables them to complete simple and complex tasks whether they are doing an Art project in the third grade or a Physics project in the eighth grade, or planning a holiday, learning a new skill, and so on.

  • Entrepreneurship

    This is essentially to develop the Entrepreneurial mindset in students. People with this mindset display drive, grit and motivation; are innovative and creative, and have an appetite for risk-taking. They are disciplined and have high levels of self- and environmental awareness

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