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Leadership Curriculum

Our Leadership Curriculum at The Gera School offers specialized focus on essential leadership and entrepreneurial skills. Through engaging classes, we cover a wide range of topics to develop and nurture leaders in different facets of themselves. Emphasis is placed on goal setting, empowering students to identify aspirations, and create actionable plans for achievement. Collaborative teamwork is also fostered because successful leaders excel in working harmoniously with others to accomplish shared objectives.

We recognize the importance of addressing personal development, including puberty and growing up, during this transformative phase of students' lives. Our curriculum provides guidance and support, ensuring their well-being and growth. Additionally, we prioritize students' safety by educating them on how to keep themselves and others safe in various contexts.

Etiquette, respect, feelings, and empathy are key elements integrated into our curriculum. We believe that strong interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence are essential for effective leadership. Furthermore, the importance of building relationships is emphasized to accomplish the important (above-mentioned) goal of collaborative teamwork.

Our Leadership Curriculum seamlessly integrates with our broader life skills program, providing learners with a holistic understanding of the world and preparing them for an unpredictable future. Our aim is to cultivate compassionate, logical, humane, and innovative leaders who can positively impact society.

In addition to the Leadership Curriculum, our Circle Time classes focus on the emotional development of our learners. These sessions provide a safe and supportive space for students to work through their own problems and doubts, while also learning to assist others in finding solutions. Circle Time enhances listening and speaking skills and encourages the important practice of reflection.

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