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The Gera School Clubs: Nurturing Minds,Fostering Talent

Our diverse club offerings are designed to enrich the school experience and nurture a student’s talents. From eco-awareness in the TGS Eco Club to unleashing the creative side in the Art and Craft Club, we cater to a variety of interests and inclinations. Our Emotional Wellness Club provides mindfulness practices and discussions for those seeking emotional wellness. If you want to elevate your handwriting, this club is perfect for you. Movie enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the captivating world of cinema with the TGS Film Club.

Eco Club: The Gardening Grecians

At the TGS Eco Club, students embark on a journey to explore the marvels of the natural world and embrace sustainable lifestyle choices. Our mission is to nurture a more sustainable future through activities such as gardening, seed preservation, recycling, and composting. We encourage community engagement and the promotion of environmental stewardship by actively participating in hands-on initiatives like composting and seed planting. The aim is to cultivate eco-awareness and positively impact our precious environment.

Art Club: The Creative Cart

Creativity is ignited with the Creative Cart Club! The Creative Cart Club helps students to unleash the inner artist and enliven creativity and imagination. There is a range of diverse art and craft projects designed to encourage self-expression and enhance motor skills. Students in this Club have successfully delved into your artistic potential and cultivated proficiency using the sweep of artistic endeavours, including painting, drawing, sculpting, and the art of crafting collages.

Emotional Wellness Club:

The Emotional Wellness Club is an important club for students in an age where emotional stability and resilience cannot be taken for granted. The Club enhances emotional well-being and helps young children achieve harmony. Students understand self-awareness and work on their emotional intelligence (EQ) in order to have equilibrium. Through a variety of engaging activities, meaningful conversations, and mindfulness exercises, we strive to cultivate an inclusive and nurturing environment.

Handwriting Club:

The Club helps students improve handwriting skills and stimulate brain activity. Teachers teach the art of clear and beautiful handwriting to enhance self-confidence and excel in standardised tests. In this Club, words spring to life in captivating ways!

TGS Film Club:

Enter the world of cinema: Lights! Camera! Action! The TGS Film Club immerses students in the captivating world of cinema. Students learn to appreciate movies, investigate various genres, and comprehend the craft of cinematography. They participate in discussions with other movie buffs and even get the chance to make their films!

Heart & Mind Wellness Club:

The Heart & Mind Wellness Club works with students to attain inner harmony and tranquillity with the support of yoga sessions and mindfulness exercises to strengthen your core, improve balance and posture, and build a stress-free foundation. Physical and mental well-being are fostered by exploring the deep advantages of yoga. In years to come, we hope students will keep the learnings to embrace a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

Graphic Designing Club:

The Graphic Designing Club enables students to explore the world of digital art. They tap into the areas of graphic design, typography, and imagery using traditional and modern methods. By using digital art, students also explore colour theory and express their creative selves. The Graphic Designing Club offers an ideal fusion of technology and creativity.

Stitch Nation Club:

Needlework is neither only what women do for their babies (or other people’s) nor is it only what some do to earn a living when they can’t go out of the home. Needlework is creativity – and skill – and a personal expression, no less than the beauty on a canvas or on photograph paper. From knitting to embroidery, experienced instructors guide students through various techniques, encouraging them to nurture their personal style and problem-solving skills. Students collaborate with peers, share ideas and inspiration, and contribute to the community by creating handmade items for charity. The Needlework Club is proud of its role in nurturing individuality as well as in contributing to social welfare!

TGS Reading and Literary Club:

In the TGS Reading and Literary Club, the students are led into / guided through the enchanting world of literature. They are acquainted with and then taken through the works of literary giants, engage in lively book discussions, and savour the enchantment of plays, stories, and poetry. Students participate in planning book-related events, attend writing classes, and immerse themselves in the written word. We are confident that the TGS Reading and Literary Club will stir their imagination and discover (and be inspired by) the incredible power of storytelling!

TGS Photography Club:

The TGS Photography Club helps students capture moments and being creative in framing one’s surroundings. Students develop their compositional, visual, and mobile photography skills. They take on practical assignments, comprehend the purposes of aesthetics, and play around with imagery techniques. The TGS Photography Club enables students to make visual stories of the happy, memorable or significant moments in the different spheres of their lives.

School Social Responsibility Club:

Live Your Change: The TGS Social Responsibility Club makes student members have a positive impact on their neighbourhood. Students create activities and opportunities for the less privileged, volunteer at camps, and engage in other projects. They silently be the change they want to see in the world. When they leave the portals of TGS, they will have learnt enough to believe they can change the world, and build a more welcoming and compassionate society.

GlobeTrotters Club:

Club members discover the world from the comfort of their classroom. This club, designed for students, employs captivating audio-visual techniques and immersive activities to expand the horizons and foster a global outlook. Students explore the richness and diversity of different cultures, all while learning and thriving together as proud GlobeTrotters at The Gera School. The International Mindedness will serve them in good stead always.

Finology Club:

The Gera School's Finology Club helps students pick up essential financial skills – including budgeting, saving, and responsible use of terms like assets and liabilities. Students learn to handle emergencies, set smart financial goals, and gain the confidence they need for a secure future. In learning to respect and then be responsible with resources, students learn a very important life that will serve them well through all the phases of their lives.

Flow Arts Club: Discover Your


In the Flow Arts Club, students immerse themselves in the art of mindful flow as they explore the realms of dance, juggling, spinning, and hooping. Members experience the excitement of fire spinning and unlock enhanced levels of concentration, coordination, and self-confidence. It's all about having fun and embracing one’s inner creativity while also using this as a useful way of dealing with the occasional (and inevitable) bout of stress and weariness!

The Silent Mavericks Club:

Members of The Gera School's Silent Mavericks Club get ready for thrilling intellectual challenges! This club presents students with an excellent chance to spark their intellect and critical thinking abilities. Students explore time-tested games like chess, checkers, dominoes, and more as they develop the ability to predict the immediate future and take part in the mindful game revolution.

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