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The Building Blocks for 21st Century Learnings

The Building Blocks for 21st Century Learnings

Date: 30 November, 2018 Author: The Gera School Team

Have you ever seen your children playing with building blocks? If they keep piling block upon block, they’ll all come tumbling down. It’s impossible to build the tallest tower without the support of a stepped, wide base.

Similarly, when it comes to 21st century education, enabling a strong foundation and the stepping stones to ascend this journey of lifelong learning play an integral role in moulding the citizens of tomorrow.

So what are the building blocks of progressive education? To see for yourself, enter and explore the world of 21st century learning at The Gera School!

  • 1. Smart Classrooms

    The Building Blocks for 21st Century Learnings

    In the classroom, we focus on one-on-one interactions with each student. The activity-based, thematic and experiential teaching approaches are centred on every child’s individual capabilities and pace of learning.

  • 2. Music, Theatre & Art Rooms

    The Building Blocks for 21st Century Learnings

    Exposure to arts, crafts and dramatics from a young age helps nurture a child’s natural creativity and imagination. Kids are able to explore their artistic interests, harness their talents and create their own identity with the right guidance and encouragement.

  • 3. Well-Equipped Library

    The Building Blocks for 21st Century Learnings

    Access to a library from an early age inculcates the habit of independent and collaborative reading and fosters self-directed learning throughout a child’s life.

  • 4. State-Of-The-Art Laboratory

    The Building Blocks for 21st Century Learnings

    As kids experiment on their own, it facilitates inquiry-based learning, practical knowledge and a deeper understanding of every subject matter.

  • 5. Hi-Tech Computer Lab

    In the age of digitisation, technology and computer skills form the backbone of 21st century learning, especially for our young leaders of the future.

  • 6. Indoor & Outdoor Sports Amenities

    The Gera School offers a diverse choice of campus sports. Children learn the values of leadership, discipline, teamwork as well as the importance of fitness and health in leading a well-rounded life.

The Gera School, integrates the building blocks of world-class infrastructure and a multi-disciplinary curriculum for raising young students ready to explore a limitless future.

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