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The 3 Most Important Aspects Of Your Child’s Education

The 3 most important aspects of your child’s education

Date: 20 June, 2018 Author: The Gera School Team

Is your child getting the right education? Is his school ensuring a holistic development? These are vital questions concerned parents like you must be asking.

It’s no secret that the age-old methods of education are no longer relevant in today’s rapidly-evolving world. To match steps with the best, compete and emerge as a winner, your child needs a lot more than just a pre-defined and outdated syllabus.

Here the 3 most important aspects of education today -

  • 1. Child-centric approach

    A child-centric approach is the one where attention is paid towards the overall development of children. A child-centric approach necessarily includes the following -

    • One-on-one student-teacher interaction
    • Interactive and experiential teaching methods
    • Differentiated assessments to aptly measure each child’s academic and developmental progress.
    • Exposure to culturally diverse literature, music, etc. and activities to inculcate sensitivity to cultural diversity.
    • Adoption of best practices such as differentiation, peer learning and more to ensure that each child learns in the best possible way.
  • 2. Holistic education

    Your child may have the potential to be the next rockstar, cricket legend or a theatre actor the world would revere.

    However, without proper facilities, guidance and encouragement, your child may never realise his or her true capabilities.

    Look for a school that has the facilities to nurture the talent in your child. Schools with spaces for music and drama activities, outdoor and indoor sports facilities are a must in today’s world where traditional education is not the only parameter to be successful.

  • 3. Teamwork and Entrepreneurship

    From an early age, teamwork and leadership qualities need to be inculcated in children. In today’s world, growth and success depend on the ability to work within a framework and coordinate the work of a team toward achieving pre-defined goals - making it an essential skill to be taught. In addition, the need of the hour is to create leaders, who will dare to go off the beaten track and create a legacy of their own.

If you are wondering where you would find such a school, take a look at The Gera School. Situated in Kadamba Plateau in Goa, the school offers a curriculum that takes pride in all the three aspects listed above and more. And guess what, admissions are open from Nursery to Grade 4 for the academic year 2019. If you wish to know more about The Gera School.

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