To nurture individuality in all our students, empowering them to maximize their potential to become 21st century global citizens, keeping in mind traditional values that lie at the heart of our ethos.


Ensuring a holistic environment that encourages high expectations for success wherein our students evolve to become self-directed, lifelong learners.


To learn & lead with passion

The Gera Family

The Gera Family has been responsible for building communities since 1970 in Pune, Goa, Bangalore and California with a commitment towards innovation and service. Credited with some pioneering benchmarks such as Real Estate warranties and Child-Centric Homes, and with a driving objective to exceed expectations of customers, the Trustees have extended their vision ‘to nurturing’ in the world of education with a K-12 co-educational day-boarding International school in Goa.

The Geras are no strangers to the world of education, having established the Jai Hind Sindhu Education Trust in Pune, which caters to over 10,000 students from age 3 to 23, as part of an aided State-board school and college. They are delighted to extend their experience with their first unaided, private, International school in Goa.

Head - CSR Activities

Mrs.Sunaina Gera - Head CSR at The Gera School

Mrs. Sunaina Gera

Mrs. Sunaina Gera has a penchant for issue resolution and her approach to education is rooted in the desire to correct the tension points in today’s education space. As an entrepreneur, Mrs. Sunaina Gera has completed over 75 interior design projects prior to getting involved with the family business in 2006. Since then, she has spearheaded various departments like Product Development & Design, Project Execution and Human Resources.

Mr.C.Joseph - Principal at The Gera School

Mr. C. Joseph

Mr. C. Joseph has been in education for more than twenty-five years in schools of great repute across India: Indus International School (Hyderabad), St Paul’s School (Darjeeling) and Wynberg-Allen School (Mussoorie), to name but a few. His vertical and horizontal range of experience in schools with traditional and International curricula has helped him immensely in understanding the requirements of teachers and students at different levels and in working out benchmarks for staff and students. As a result, he has shaped institutions and their systems to achieve demonstrable outcomes in academic discipline, teaching standards, pastoral care and Whole Education. His personal value system, love for the vocation, high empathy levels and his passion for excellence in all that the school aims to do has not only led to high satisfaction levels among all stakeholders but has also, in turn, created everywhere a work culture where high standards become the norm.

Coming as he does from a family of teachers, Mr. C. Joseph has inherited an ethos, a work ethic and an outlook on life that brings out the best in all members of the School community He has joined The Gera School because he instinctively knew that the  Founders’ vision, the underpinnings of the educational philosophy and the planned curriculum will underwrite the making of a great Institution.